Speaker Profile: Marguerite Fletcher, Founder and Principal – Fletcher Legal Consulting


Marguerite A. Fletcher, Esq. is the founder and principal of Fletcher Legal Consulting. She is a diversity consultant, keynote speaker and executive coach, Marguerite has been active in diversity issues for over twenty years. Marguerite is adept at performing comprehensive cultural assessments, developing strategic action plans and leading workshops on variety of topics such as Diversity Awareness, Exploring Unconscious Bias and Interrupting Bias. Marguerite advises her clients on the hiring, mentoring, retention and growth of diverse talent. As a Keynote Speaker, Marguerite dives into challenging issues with energy and humor. A favorite at law schools and corporations, Marguerite speaks on a variety of issues relating to diversity and inclusion.

What is a typical day like for you?
There are no typical days. On any given day, I might make a presentation, facilitate a workshop, consult with a client, conduct a focus group and/or guide a strategic planning process for diversity. Many days involve a combination of those things. When my kids were young, hands-on parenting was part of the mix. Lots of identity shifts.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned in your career?
That the world will not end if I say I don’t know – that’s not easy for a lawyer. D&I and unconscious bias are challenging subjects. We don’t always have easy answers. Often the best course is to work through the challenging issues with others.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Defy stereotypes: I’m a middle-aged Jamaican woman who started ice climbing a couple years ago. This winter, I’ll spend every weekend climbing the icy mountains of New Hampshire.

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